Our Repair Center



The iMobileRescue iOS Repair Center

Located at 97 East Broad St, Bethlehem PA.

Supervised Repairs
All of our repairs are supervised by senior people within the company. When a digitizer is lifted off of an iPad, senior staff is there making sure the job gets done right. When an LCD is replaced on an iPhone, the owner of the company, Ryan Ballow, or other senior people are right there on the spot with our master technicians, supporting them along the way, ensuring a quality outcome.

Our technicians have 4 + years of experience working with iOS devices. It’s our precision that points big corporations in our direction. They’re confident in our quality, and we want you to be too.

iOS device repair takes an extreme amount of precision. To do the job perfectly, which is our aim, requires that our master technicians go through rigorous training, and that all repairs are supervised by senior staff, at all times.

iMobileRescue HQ
Our repair center is as cool as they get! To continue honoring the beauty and elegance of the “Apple Theme,” we have set up our repair center to look just as eye catching and amazing.

Serving both the needs of our local market, here in the Lehigh Valley area of PA, and our national and business consumers, we operate with extreme precision, appearance is important to us, and technical know how is paramount.

Our repair center is in the heart of Bethlehem, also known as “Christmas City,” near some of the main attractions in the area, like the Bethlehem Brew Works and Sands Casino. Our address is: 97 East Broad St, Bethlehem, PA, 18018.

iMobileRescue is a professional iOS device company. Our clients range from school districts from around the country, like Hot Springs County SD, Delaware Regional SD, to St Lukes Hospital, to even folks at Major League Baseball. We’ve repaired devices for thousands of local and national businesses, other repair shops, and educational organizations alike. We’d think of ourselves as a “one stop shop,” but to be more modern, we’re more like an integrated iOS device solution center. We enjoy what we do, and would love to serve you.


Productivity Is Important
Productivity is such an important part of our operation, which is why our repair stations are set up as clean, tidy, and neat as possible. Our technicians operate with extreme precision due to the skill we bring into the corporation, and the aggressive approach we take to operational efficiency at our repair stations.

Our processes are cutting edge. We’ve developed very efficient strategies for repairing, and assembling iOS devices that bring on the precision of temperature controlled sealing, and heat controlled repair protocols.

From day 1, we’ve been improving our processes. As we’ve moved into increased efficiency, and improve capacity to repair iOS devices in quantity, the demand for corporate and large scale bulk iPad repair has become a very necessary reality.

And everyday, we continue to refine our processes, for both better quality, and better repair productivity.

dustDust Controlled And Human Approved
We control ruthlessly for dust and particles when closing and sealing iPad screens, and have real human approval and sealing processes that ensure the tightest seals, and cleanest repairs.

We have our hands on every device that comes through our repair HQ, and we carefully monitor, and constantly improve for quality controls, all stages of all iOS device repair. We mention this frequently, but to us, it’s important that our repairs are consistent with the pristine nature of Apple technology off the shelf.

We strive hard to ensure that repaired devices look as good as new when they head out of the door, and in route back to our customers.

Our toll free number is 877.407.9334, and locally, we can be reached at 610.419.1714. For business repair inquiries, call us toll free, or email us at business@iMobileRescue.com

Our Repair Center