Mobile Device Damage Management – iPad and iPhone Protection

iMobileRescue offers a mobile device management solution for iPad and iPhone within the enterprise. Hardware repair, which includes screens, home buttons, batteries and more, is a strong suit of ours, on all generations of the iPad, as well as the iPhone. We can help an organization that we work with, to save substantial amounts of money over getting iPad and iPhone insurance with cellular carriers, and even Apple themselves.

Our iPad and iPhone Solutions: How They Work

Our main service for iPad and iPhone mobile device management, is what we call a “Protection Plan.” It works just like an insurance plan. The advantageous exception is that iMobileRescue actually repairs your devices, rather than supplies new devices, allowing the cost to be strikingly lower than that of a typical iPad or iPhone insurance plan with a carrier.

With us, we set you up with a protection plan, for between $5.00 – $8.00 a month, per device, dependent upon the quantity of devices you have, and when a device breaks, we’ll provide a prepaid box or shipping label for you to mail it in to our repair facility. We’ll repair the device, and have it right back out to you, in no time. The best part? There is no deductible on our protection plan. We’re able to save you money on the monthly cost, as well as the deductible cost.

Here’s an example situation below:

A typical cellular carrier’s insurance plan

[table caption=”Typical Carrier Insurance Costs” width=”500″ colwidth=”50|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Device Type, # of Devices, Monthly insurance cost, Annual spend, Deductible
iPhone, 1000, $10.00 (per device), $120K, $100-$149 (per break)
iPad, 1000, $10.00 (per device), $120K, $100-$149 (per break)
Total annual spend = $240,000 + DEDUCTIBLE

This example is again, your typical cellular carrier’s insurance cost. In most cases, with plans like this, there is also a deductible, when your organization breaks a device. Now, let’s compare these figures, and this plan, to iMobileRescue’s protection plan details:


iMobileRescue’s Corporate iPad and iPhone protection plan details

[table caption=”iMobileRescue’s Protection Plan details” width=”500″ colwidth=”50|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Device Type, # of Devices, Monthly insurance cost, Annual spend, Deductible
iPhone, 1000, $5.00 (per device), $60K, NONE
iPad, 1000, $5.00 (per device), $60K, NONE

Total annual spend = $120,000
Total annual savings = $120,000


Saving You Money

iMobileRescue provides an incredible service. Being one of the top rated iOS device repair companies in the country, we’ve developed lasting partnerships with incredible companies oversees, and as a result have established connectivity with the best quality, authentic iPhone and iPad parts on the market. We only use the real thing.

Because we have this connectivity, we’re able to purchase iOS device parts, and complete repairs on damaged devices, providing a large cost reduction in iPad and iPhone insurance costs. No matter how many devices your organization has, iMobileRescue can save you money.

No Deductible

All carriers, including Apple themselves, charge deductibles on damage to iOS devices. Typical iPad or iPhone insurance consists of both major charges, a monthly cost, and a deductible. With iMobileRescue, since we’re able to source authentic parts from their point of origin, into our repair facility, our cost on labor, and parts, allows us to remove the deductible all together.

Why pay a deductible when you don’t have to? We have fixed the deductible problem in iPad and iPhone insurance for the enterprise, and removed it completely. With just the deductible alone removed from the picture, the savings are substantial.

The Most Skilled Technicians In America

iMobileRescue has been working on iOS devices since early in their history. We’ve worked extremely hard to learn the ins and outs of these devices, and frequently publicly post our step by step tutorials, online. Our hiring process is highly in favor of both technical expertise, as well as a person’s inclination to want to perform the highest level of work possible.

Used By The Best, Because Of Our Quality

Our veteran technicians’ precision, and our overall repair quality, has helped us to secure clients like Crayola LLC, the worldwide known Crayon company, and Victualic, the worldwide, internationally recognized pipe fitting and sprinkler systems company. We provide services for many companies, and educational organizations, all around the world, because we’re good at what we do.

Organizations want the best, for their iOS devices, and we don’t blame them. iMobileRescue is the Mercedes of the iOS device services arena, and we remain focused on being the best there is.

Contact us, and Let’s Find A Fit

We’d love to talk to you about finding a great fit for your organization. Below, please put in a bit of contact information, and a summary of the amount of devices your organization has, what company or entity you’re inquiring from, and any other pertinent information you think we should know. You can also reach us at 877.407.9334, during our normal hours: M-F, 10AM – 5PM, EST.

One of our senior protection plan representatives will contact you via email, and by phone, as soon as we can to discuss solutions further.