imr_ryanOur company was founded by a United States Army Veteran named Ryan Michael Ballow. Ryan is an entrepreneur, and founder of both iMR and a nootropic company called Cortex.

Coming from the military, Ryan has instituted the type of discipline and superior standards the the United States Military upholds. That type of honor, selflessness, and superior work standards have been woven into the fabric of the organization, in every identifiable nook and cranny.

Ryan was featured in Keystone Edge’s Founder articles, in a story about what led to iMobileRescue’s formation in 2010, and what makes Ryan a great leader.

Ryan frequently contributes to the iOS device community by interfacing with some of the most reputable parts companies in America with tips for iPad repair, and iOS device screen replacement.

If you’re an organization, researching iMobileRescue, and looking to do business with us at any capacity, feel at ease knowing that we are a veteran run organization, operating with the highest of honor, professionalism, and service to our customer base.