iPad And iPhone Repair Solutions For Business


shakeBusiness iPad and iPhone repair are our specialties. We’ve oriented our company in the direction of being able to provide rapid turnaround iPad and iPhone repairs for organizations due to the demand from the market.

We now have established business with organizations around the country, with situations ranging from 100 iPad bulk repairs, to a discounted per repair model on the organization’s devices, to fully protective insurance plans, covering damage on large numbers of devices.

iMobileRescue offers several corporate iPad repair solutions, ranging from corporate iPad insurance models, to per repair models, to bulk repair services. Below, we’ve summarized each echelon of solution, to give you as many clear details as possible.

Corporate iPad insurance program

One of our repair options is to offer a “protection plan,” which covers all of the devices your organization has, from any type of damage. Here, you pay a small monthly fee, that is considerably less than the fee you’d pay for Apple Care +, and your devices would be covered for the year. If a device breaks, we would set up protocols to have the broken devices shipped to our repair facility, repaired, and shipped right back. To give you an example, we’ve laid out an example, where iMobileRescue saves an organization a considerable amount of money, for the year, which will also give you a clear example of pricing, and protocols.

A typical cellular carrier’s insurance plan

Carrier insurance plans[table caption=”Typical Carrier Insurance Costs” width=”500″ colwidth=”50|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Device Type, # of Devices, Monthly insurance cost, Annual spend, Deductible
iPhone, 1000, $10.00 (per device), $120K, $100-$149 (per break)
iPad, 1000, $10.00 (per device), $120K, $100-$149 (per break)
Total annual spend = $240,000 + DEDUCTIBLE

This example is again, your typical cellular carrier’s insurance cost. In most cases, with plans like this, there is also a deductible, when your organization breaks a device. Now, let’s compare these figures, and this plan, to iMobileRescue’s protection plan details:


iMobileRescue’s Corporate iPad and iPhone protection plan details

iMobileRescue Protection Plan[table caption=”iMobileRescue’s Protection Plan details” width=”500″ colwidth=”50|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Device Type, # of Devices, Monthly insurance cost, Annual spend, Deductible
iPhone, 1000, $5.00 (per device), $60K, NONE
iPad, 1000, $5.00 (per device), $60K, NONE

Total annual spend = $120,000
Total annual savings = $120,000


To communicate with us about a protection plan that fits your organization, call us at 877.407.9334, or you can email us directly at business@imobilerescue.com

If you’re a business or an educational organization that has just 1 or 2 iPads that need to be repaired immediately, you can simply use our mail in iPad repair protocols, order your repair online, and we’ll have a shipping label out to you immediately to mail the device in to us.

If you’re an organization, educational, business, or otherwise, that would like to talk to us about bulk iPad repairs, or a discounted per incident repair contract call us or email us You can reach us at 877.407.9334. You can also inquire via email again, at Business@imobilerescue.com, and we will respond promptly.

How our solutions work

Let’s start with the protection plans With this protocol, each device is covered for 1 break per year, and has absolutely NO DEDUCTIBLE on repairs. We cut the cost in half and in some cases more, than typical carrier iPhone and iPad insurance costs. We save you money in two ways: on the monthly protection plan amount, as well as the deductible. Since we do not require a deductible, that alone will save your organization a considerable amount of money.

Shipping and turnaround
You will have two options for shipping devices to iMobileRescue, to repair. The first is to have us generate and email you a prepaid USPS or FedEx shipping label. In this case, we factor in the cost of shipping into your total monthly protection plan cost. So a plan may be $6.00 a month, instead of 5, but it covers shipping on all devices, both to us and back to you. Both expedited (overnight) and regular 1-3 day ground options are available.

The second option is of course for you to use your own carrier, to ship the device our way. Then, your organization handles both shipping to us, and shipping back to you.

The turnaround time on all devices is 24-48 hours, with most devices being completed the day they arrive at iMobileRescue’s repair facility in Bethlehem. We have a dedicated repair team devoted to getting you your devices back, as fast as technically possible.

We really look forward to hearing from you, working with you, and having the pleasure of doing business with you. Call or email us, at 877.407.9334, or at business@iMobileRescue.com.