iPad Air Charge Port Repair and Replacement

iPad Air Charge Port Repair and Replacement Service

iPad air charge port repair

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This is a full charge port replacement for your iPad Air. Get this repair if your: charge port has stopped working, if your iPad does not respond to a charging cord, if your charge port on your iPad Air is physically damaged or broken, or if the device does not accept a charge no matter the situation.

Typically, a simple charge port replacement will fix all of those issues, and you’ll be back to your fully functionally charging iPad in no time! iPad Air charge port repair is one of our specialties. Since the device came out, we’ve been ahead of the curve on acquiring original parts, and successfully completing charge port repairs.

How iMobileRescue’s Repair Process Works

  1. The process is very simple! First, select “add to cart,” above, and our system will automatically add this repair to your shopping card. Then, checkout, and pay for your repair.
  2. Secondly, iMobileRescue will either email you a shipping label, prepaid, and pre-addressed, to send out to our repair facility to get a “rapid repair,” or, you’ll have the option upon checkout to choose your own shipping option, using your own carrier. The device will arrive at our repair facility.
  3. iMobileRescue will then replace the charge port of your iPad Air, test all of the charging functions, and mail the device right back to your doorstep. We’ll keep you posted along the way, when the device arrives, and when it’s completed and shipping. It’s that easy!

Here’s a great review of our work!

We know you want to know who you’re dealing with, so we decided to post this customer review here on the site. This was a customer we did an iPad mini repair for a while back, that created this wonderful review about us: