iMobileRescue's iPad Air 2 Screen Repair Service


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iPad Air 2 (2nd Gen) Screen Repair Service
With the iPad 2, 3, 4, and iPad mini being our strength in repair, the iPad Air repair is the next addition to our service. The Air 2 is out, it’s cracking, and it’s repairable! The process is easy: You add the repair to your cart, input your return shipping information, and we’ll send you out a label via email to priority mail the device to iMobileRescue’s headquarters in PA. We’ll intake the device, repair your cracked glass screen on your iPad Air 2, and mail it right back. iPad Air screen repair has never been easier, and cheaper! iPad Air 2 glass replacement, is our strength. It’s what we do as a company. It’s what tens of thousands of customers around the country trust, and the process is easier than ever.

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What's the turnaround time?

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time on this repair is: 1-3 days. Your device will get slated for repair the moment it gets into the iMobileRescue repair center, and be completed within our guaranteed turnaround time frame. 

Rapid iPad repairs are a strong point of ours. We’ve set up our repair center  for as much efficiency as possible, keeping a delicate balance between speed and quality of repairs. 

You can expect your iPad back to your doorstep or business in 1 week or less. Ultimately, turnaround time is controlled by the shipping carrier, delivering the device back to you!

iMobileRescue's Quality standards for iPad repairs

Quality Control

Quality control is a major part of the functionality of our repair center. Every repair is supervised by senior people within the company, ensuring extremely air tight, dust controlled sealing of iPads, quality testing, and proper packaging. 

Using solid iOS OEM parts, we will replace your glass on your iPad with original equipment manufacturer technology, ensuring both a proper fit, and a quality outcome. Our glass is top of the line, strong, and extremely functional. We want nothing but the best for your device, and we will work hard at making sure you get nothing less than perfection. 

Check out this video review of our service!

Our Reviews

We’ve got hosts of Google Plus reviews of our service that you can check out here. We know you want to be comfortable sending your iPad in for us to repair. Check our reviews, and watch the video below for an up close testimonial from a customer who ordered our iPad repair service.