We have an Apple esque repair facility at 97 East Broad ST, in downtown Bethlehem. Questions? Call us 610.419.1714

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Professional iPhone Repair In The Lehigh Valley

iPhone repair in the Lehigh Valley is our specialty! Our repair service covers LCD and glass issues. Our screen repair prices are below. If you have any other questions regarding other issues with your phone, send us an email at Fix@iMobileRescue.com

We’ve been here in the Lehigh Valley repairing iPhones for nearly 4 years now! We’re proud to service most of the local school districts, and scores of local businesses, from Crayola LLC, to the Allentown School District. They choose us for a reason. We use the best quality parts, and offer a solid warranty with all of our repairs. 


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Our Repair Prices

First – Price depends on QUALITY. It is unwise to search for a “cheap iPhone repair” solution. Cheap means lower quality parts, which malfunction regularly. Our prices for iPhone repair are the best in the industry, for the quality of parts we use. With our iPhone repairs, you’re getting authentic, OEM glass and parts, consistent with the pristine nature of stock Apple products. 

iPhone 5 Screen Repair (OEM): $130.00

iPhone 5S/5C Screen Repair (OEM): $135.00

iPhone 6 Screen Repair (OEM): $170.00

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair (OEM): $190.00


Our Quality

Most companies that repair iOS devices do not use screens and components that are up to par. We do. Our parts are sourced from China, where iOS device parts originate.

Our quality is original, so with us, you’re getting the real deal. Quality iPhone screens are extremely important. This device is entirely too beautiful, and fragile, to sacrifice quality. Do we pay a bit more for original screens? Yep, but it’s worth it in the end, to you, and to us.

Original Parts:

Original parts are fully assembled, quality controlled, and finished parts in the highest quality environments and factories where genuine iPhone and iPad material is produced. These parts have a virtually ZERO percent defective rate, and are pure Apple quality down to the finest detail.


Turnaround Time

On all model iPhones, repairs take between 15-25 minutes. Most repairs are completed within 15 minutes. Either way, you’re in, we start repairing your device, and you’re out in under a half an hour! 

Our technicians are highly trained in iOS device repair. Our mission is to have a new screen secured on your iPhone, looking amazing, in no time at all. Repair your iPhone with us in a jiffy!