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iPad Mini Screen Replacement: Checkout

iPad mini screen repair

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To order your iPad mini repair, simply select “add to cart,” and you will be taken to the checkout page, where you can confirm your order. Upon checking out, you will then fill out your return shipping information, and choose your method of shipping.

Then, simply pay for your repair, and you’re on your way! The process is easy, takes just about 3 minutes, and then you’re in route to having your broken iPad mini, fixed and back in your hands. Let’s talk about the process:

Our iPad Mini Screen Replacement Process: How it works

iPad Mini Cracked Screen Cost?

The cost to fix a cracked iPad mini screen, ranges from $150-$200.00, depending on a couple of factors. For us, for example, we charge $159.99 for an iPad mini screen replacement, and use 100% original parts. Most other companies (an estimated 90% of repair companies) do NOT use original glass.

We use the best glass there is. The stuff that comes directly from the factory, and technically speaking, the only glass you should ever put on your iPad. The device is made stock to fit and work with only 1 size/type/material, part wise, and we’re happy to back our products because since day 1, with iPad mini screen repair, we’ve been using those parts.

iMobileRescue’s iPad Mini Repair Reviews!!

We want you to feel comfortable sending your iPad mini in for a screen repair, so, below is a video that one of our customers published shortly after we performed an iPad mini screen repair on his device! Check it out:

Premium iPad Mini screen glass replacement

iPad mini screen repair is our specialty. We’ve worked hard with our parts distributors from around the country to establish channels of original parts availability for the iPad mini. So if you’re in need of screen repair and replacement of your iPad mini, don’t pay the arm and a leg taking it to Apple, or purchasing a new device. Get it out to us, we’ll replace the screen, and have it back to you in no time. Order above, and lets get that iPad mini repaired! We’ll dispatch an email within 20 minutes with your shipping label for you to simply take the device to the post office, and ship it out. The rest is up to us! We’ll have it repaired and back to you in no time.

A Quick 3 Steps

Our iPad mini glass replacement service works in 3 simple steps:

  1. First, select “add to cart” and head over to the checkout page. You pay for the repair here on the site, and we’ll email you a prepaid, preaddressed USPS shipping label to print, and take to the post office to get your device to our repair center. You also have the option to “ship yourself” with your preferred carrier, or have us generate a FedEx Ground label for you.
  2. shipping

  3. Our shipping option delivers your device in between 1-2 days. The day it arrives at our repair center, we’ll remove your old glass digitizer, replace it with a new one, test all the functions and box the device back up.
  4. Your device will be shipped right back out, within 1-3 days of iMobileRescue receiving it at our repair center, and it will be in route right back to your return shipping address. It’s as simple as that. Don’t overcomplicate it!


iPad mini screen repair

$210.99 $145.00 Add to cart

Warning - going with a company charging less, is likely to end you with a screen of sub-par quality, with touch functionality problems, and bad quality. We get inquiries from people that end up in this situation nearly everyday. Take the safe bet, and go with quality! And a company that repairs devices for professional organizations around the country. We won’t let you down. When the big guys, like Crayola Crayon company choose us for repairs on iOS devices, it’s because we’re legit. Quality and pristine functionality is our passion. We settle for nothing less than the best, keeping up with the theme and prestige of Apple products. Need more reassurance?

Check out some of our other customer reviews here. Not convinced? Worried about shipping your device in to an unknown company? Check out our repair center! We have a large repair facility located at 97 East Broad St, in Bethlehem. At our repair center, we service folks both locally, here in the Lehigh Valley of PA, and nationally, from every state in the US.

Cheaper than a new one, and you keep your device

savingGoing to Apple when your iPad mini screen is cracked is going to leave you with one unsettling scenario: They’ll charge upwards of $250, and you’ll get a refurbished device, rather than your original device.

We save you first, the cost, and second, the discomfort of having to get a different device, without your settings, and without your data. Our solution targets the problem: we fix your broken screen, and get your device back to you. So, enough reading! Order your repair above, and we’ll get your pre-addressed, pre-paid shipping label out your email and you can get back to looking cool again without a cracked iPad mini. Order now! And please, give us a call if you want to talk to a live person, one of our repair specialists, at 877.407.9334.

iPad mini screen repair

$210.99 $145.00 Add to cart